Maintain Current Files – It is the responsibility of each parent to maintain current and accurate emergency contact information, as well as updated each child’s medical file annually.

Child’s Pick Up – Children must be picked up from center by closing time. When a child is left at the center pass closing, a fee will be assessed. $20 plus a $1 per minute per child. If a child is left at the center for over an hour after closing, we reserve the right to notify the Police and Child Protection Services.

Child’s Needs – Please Communicate each child’s needs to the Lead Teacher. This includes but not limited to, allergies, changes in behavior, and illnesses.

Medical Insurance – We do not pay any medical expenses for any child, including but not limited to, accidents and/ or illnesses children may have at the center. It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to provide health coverage. Normal childhood related accidents might happen at the childcare facility including falling, bumping into objects, tripping, etc. we shall not be responsible for medical expenses resulting from these types on incidents. It is the policy of the center to screen the classrooms for potential hazards as well as maintain a clean and safe environment.

Hospital Transportation Policy – If the center is unable to reach a parent if their child has had an accident or is ill, the center may send the child to the hospital by ambulance. This includes but not limited to; temperatures over 101 degrees, any head injury, broke or sprained limbs, uncontrollable asthma, wheezing or difficulties breathing and other related symptoms.

Emergency Transportation Policy – If you have requested that your child not be transport to the hospital in case of an emergency the parent must submit in writing to the center on what to do with the child when they are in need of medical attention. That letter will be place in the child files.


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