Liberty Preschool Daycare uses the Learning Box Curriculum. We incorporate prayer, Bible stories, Spanish, and sign language lessons into our classes. Our students also benefit from our unique and specialized reading program for accelerated success in elementary school. We believe our curriculum allows children to learn best through active engagement with teachers and peers while just having fun.

Our students are involved in hands-on experiences, real-life adventures, and discovery as they explore concepts through play. Liberty Preschool Daycare’s curriculum teaches essential readiness skills for entering Kindergarten successfully and stress free.

6 weeks to 17 months

We recognize infants need special attention and care. Our warm, soothing infant room is a secure, happy home away from home. Our caregivers follow personalized care plans to support daily schedules, nutritional guidelines and unique needs of each infant. Each day our infants discover things with stimulating activities using all five senses, experimenting with toys, exploring textures, colors, and learning words & sounds while playing with others.

18 months to 23 months

Our toddler program is designed to take advantage of every toddler’s natural drive to act independently in a relaxed environment to foster development and independence skills. In this program, our caregivers help them seamless transition from bottles to sippy cups, from cribs to cots, from two naps to midday naps. Our curriculum is designed to stimulate cognitive development, support speech and language development, strengthen motor skills, and introduce grace and courtesy lessons. These lessons are learned through songs, games, pictures, puzzles and more engaging activities.



Two years old

We know two- year- old are at an exciting in – between age in early childhood education. This is an interesting developmental stage where a child is trying out new ideas, exploring his or her surroundings, and finding solutions to problems. At Liberty we provide two year olds the perfect environment to explore their curiosity while staying close to a teacher for support and trust. Our lessons emphasize “play and autonomy” and students are given activities to exercise their assertiveness and independence. Student’s social development is enhanced by active experiences that include opportunities to take turns, cooperate, and solve problems without adult interference.

Potty training is another skill we help our students build. The perfect age for potty training is different for every child. Once our parents and teachers discover signs of readiness, such as showing interest in using the potty, communicating his or her needs with basic words, and demonstrating the ability to pull off and put on pants independently, then we encourage the child to start potty training.

3 & 4 years old

Preschool is where our littlest people start to grow. They are full of wonder and spend a lot of time watching, observing, and imitating. At this age, attention span increases, numbers and letters become recognizable, and creativity helps problems to be solved. Also, emotions begin to be expressed more clearly, relationships with others are formed, and the joy of achievement becomes something to strive for.

We use the Learning Box curriculum, a comprehensive, research-based curriculum designed to implement developmentally appropriate practices and offer responsive daily routines with meaningful experiences that nurture learning and development.




In Pre- K, children are ready to take chances and experiment with new things. With teacher support, their inquisitive young minds tackle new challenges and learn skills they need for kindergarten and beyond. The daily routine provides a variety of experiences that promote growth in each skill area: physical, social, emotional and cognitive – vital to the development of the every student’s overall personality.

Our daily schedule allows for a balance of varying activities, so that students are involved in large group experiences, small group experiences, and are given opportunities for individual activity as well.

Liberty students also actively acquire and develop reading readiness through our unique reading program.


For school age children we offer flexible care options to best their needs, such as before/after school or extended school breaks. We’re here for you!

We understand that school age children probably aren’t interested in “more school”, so we provide a variety of engaging options, depending on their individual needs. For some children, this consists of quiet time for homework while others appreciate playtime to be active. Understanding their preferences and providing the right match for them is important to us.
We offer theme-based camps during extended school breaks to engage, excite and delight our school age students. At Liberty, students have the opportunity to make new friends, build their athleticism running around with peers, go on interesting field trips, and learn teamwork with fun activities. We ensure that the time is well spent in a nurturing and productive way.

We provide pickup / drop off from following Alvin area Elementary schools.

Alvin Elementary
Bill Hasse Elementary
Bob and Betty Nelson Elementary
Hood-Case Elementary
Mark Twain Elementary
R.L. Stevenson Primary
Walt Disney Elementary
Passmore Elementary

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